IF you haven’t heard of The Handsome Family you may know them as them wot wrote the theme tune to cult TV show True Detective. Three million people now know who they are after viewing the opening montage on You Tube.

The Handsome Family is a 20-year songwriting collaboration between husband and wife, Brett (music) and Rennie Sparks (words). They’re music has been described as ‘haunting’ and poetical.

Rennie told The Guide:

“Words usually come first and then music to fit the words. Often we find music that fights with the words creates a nice tension. Happy words and sad music or vice versa. Sad words and sad melodies feel just too maudlin and lose their strength. I write the words and Brett (my husband) writes the music. We’re pretty strict with that – we each have an area where we get the deciding vote.

“There’s still a lot of arguing going on between us. Usually settled by a frying pan over the head.”

The American duo have been to Reading before, but this will be their first time to Sub 89.

Rennie adds: “The tea tastes so much better here. Is it the kettle? The water? The teabags? Some strange ley line web of fairy magic? I shall never figure it out. Also disturbing in all of the UK my name (Rennie) is associated with upset stomach. Unfortunate.”

For those who haven’t seen The Handsome Family or heard them but want to pop along you can be sure to leave smiling.

“We’ll be hitting each other over the head with frying pans. Also some bittersweet songs sung. We talk a lot during our shows so you’ll definitely come away feeling like you’ve gotten to know us,” says Ronnie.

Rebecca Curley