THE CURRENT police and crime commissioner and candidates for the role have registered their shock at Jonathon Seed's withdrawl from the race. 

The Conservative frontrunner announced he was pulling out of the election after it emerged party bosses had "disbarred" him from taking up the role if he were elected tomorrow. 

Coun Seed was said to have a driving conviction which by law disqualified him from holding the office of police and crime commissioner. 

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Reacting to the news, Conservative Angus Macpherson, the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire, said: “The PCC’s role is one of integrity and the rules of engagement are the same as they have been for the last nine years.

"I would have thought that all candidates of any party would have read those [and followed them] to the letter in every respect.”

Mike Rees, a former Wiltshire Police detective and an independent candidate in the election, echoed Mr Macpherson's comments. He told the Adver: “The PCC role is all about integrity. This has clearly been a demonstration that this candidate doesn’t have that.”

Labour candidate for the role Junab Ali said: “I’m just utterly shocked.” He added: “We all know when we sign up – especially for the PCC – we have to declare if we have any convictions.”

Lib Dem Liz Webster said: "I'm completely focused on my count tomorrow and preparing for the possibility of serving - and I'm excited to serve the people of Wiltshire."