For this week’s Nostalgia, we are going back to February 2019, and I think you’ll know why.

During the second month of the final year of the decade, heavy snow was seen over the country, which included parts of the South East and its surrounding areas.

It was first reported at the end of January that snow was due to fall and settle in the county, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning, urging residents to prepare for the adverse weather conditions ahead.

And it duly happened, as people across Bracknell and the rest of Berkshire opened their curtains on Friday, February 1, 2019, to see a thick layer of white snow.

The heavy fall saw schools shut across the region, meaning students and teachers gained an extra day off that weekend.

And whilst no more snow fell, temperatures to very low levels.

So, let us remind ourselves of what the people in the town and beyond got up to when the white stuff fell from the sky.

From people creating snowmen to sleighing down some of the Berkshire hills, many residents, and even those outside the county, made the most of the cold weather.

It was the second time in 12 months that heavy snow had impacted the UK, specifically the South East, as in February/March 2018, the ‘Beast from the East’ caused havoc up and down the country.

The last time snow fell in the Thames Valley was in January 2021.

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