As ever, it’s been another busy week on the Reading Chronicle Camera Club Facebook page as we have had so many submissions come through.

Reading Chronicle: Enjoying the bluebells (Liz McGinn)Enjoying the bluebells (Liz McGinn)

From birds to nature to plants to sunsets, it’s been a great week of going through your photos that have really caught our eye.

Reading Chronicle: A fallen tree is spotted in the county (Murat Yıldırımoğlu)A fallen tree is spotted in the county (Murat Yıldırımoğlu)

We got hundreds of submissions a week, so to have your images in the following edition, all you need to do is this.

Reading Chronicle: A red sky in Reading (Paul King)A red sky in Reading (Paul King)

Go to the Reading Chronicle Camera Club Facebook page, become a member and send us all the photos you would like us to share.

Reading Chronicle: Just a flying visit (Mark Green)Just a flying visit (Mark Green)

It is free to do so and there is no limit on how many images you can send over.

Reading Chronicle: A vulture spotted in Berkshire (Emma Dobson)A vulture spotted in Berkshire (Emma Dobson)

You can send every image you have taken in one day if you would like to!


We look forward to seeing what you can come up with for this week.