For this week’s Camera Club, we are again focusing on the beautiful sunsets that have been spotted around Berkshire.

Reading Chronicle: Autumn weather (Tina Panting)Autumn weather (Tina Panting)

The weather has been very odd over the last seven days, as we have experienced rain and sun, but, this change has given us the opportunity to witness some wonderful sunsets that were too good to ignore.

Reading Chronicle: Going home (Vadym Gurevych)Going home (Vadym Gurevych)

Reading Chronicle: Scenic skies in the South East (Mark Brennan)Scenic skies in the South East (Mark Brennan)

If you would like your photos to be in next week’s paper, then all you need to do is visit our Camera Club Facebook page and click join.

Reading Chronicle: The home of the Royals (Tony McGinn)The home of the Royals (Tony McGinn)

Reading Chronicle: Stunning (Darren Buckland)Stunning (Darren Buckland)

Then, once you have joined, you are able to submit the images that you have taken over the last week.

Reading Chronicle: Sunsets causing a silhouette (Tina Panting)Sunsets causing a silhouette (Tina Panting)

There is no limit in how many images you’re allowed to share, so get the dust off your lens and get snapping!