A FESTIVAL aimed at West Berkshire's LBGT+ community has confirmed the date set for the event.

Soul Pride Retreat Festival, set to take place in the woodland of Wasing Park Estate, Aldermaston, West Berkshire, will be offering activities such as health and wellness workshops, well-being talks, fitness, yoga, and pilates during the day, and in the evening the event will host a cabaret, spoken word talks, circus acts, live music, DJ's, and woodland dancing.

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The event was confirmed to be taking place from July 8, to July 12, 2021.

Chris Fitchew, Creative Director of Wonderment Group said: “We’re delighted to announce Soul Pride will take place in person this year.

"We know the more we nurture our mind, body and soul through meditation, mental health support, yoga, fitness, spiritual exploration and healthy nutritious food, the more we will rise out of our caged emotions.

Reading Chronicle:

“In a world divided, we must come together and unite in our common goal – to support one another, care for one another and have empathy and compassion for everyone’s individual success and challenges, taking lessons from the gift of stillness and reflection.

“Soul Pride is an opportunity for us to bond together in community and nature and provides a safe space to own our LGBTQIA stripes, badges and wings with full force.

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"To enjoy a sense of belonging and give us the armour and permission to return to who we really are.”

“Let us ALL have pride in our soul.”

To book tickets, visit www.soulpride.org.