LIAM Moore has trimmed down for the new Reading FC campaign - by giving up choccy biccies.

Royals' centre-back admits he had become a bit 'top heavy' last season after snacking too much.

So the sweet-toothed defender hit the treadmill early and gave up his favourite treat in an effort to 'shed a couple of kilos.'

And Moore, 24, says he is already feeling the benefit after launching himself into pre-season training on Monday.

"My mentality is always to improve and it's something I looked at towards the end of last season," said Moore, who is attracting Burnley interest as a potential replacement for Michael Keane.

"It's kind of difficult to do that during the season because you play so many games. But in the summer it was definitely something I looked at and thought, 'where can I improve?'

"So I decided to trim myself down a bit. I was a bit top heavy before, it wasn't causing me a problem in games, but I thought maybe it would make me that extra yard quicker or be an extra step in the right direction.

"I gave it a go, changed my diet around and cut out the snacking.

"Like I say it's difficult during the season when you have a lot of games, you are tired and you need quick sugar fixes here and there.

"So I thought I'd give it a go. I haven't cut out all carbs as I've seen people do in the past. They kind of die out as the season goes on.

"I just trained hard over the summer, did some individual training and I feel good for it so far.

"Like I say, I really want to take it to the next level and if it means shedding a couple of kilos and sacrificing a few things then I will do it."

When the asked what his big weakness was, Moore replied: "Chocolate digestives.

"I spoke to the guys here and said, 'look, I can do this, I feel good for it, but I do need a cheat day'. So Sunday is my cheat day."

Moore even kept to his new diet during his marriage this summer, though he admitted the stag trip was another matter.

Reading Chronicle:

Liam Moore and Royals team-mate, Tyler Blackett, in Las Vegas this summer.

"It was the week before the wedding for the stag do," he explained. "I went away with a couple of boys from Reading. The play-off final was still pretty fresh so it was good to have a blow out for four days.

"The summer worked out well in that respect. I enjoyed myself for a couple of weeks then cracked on in the gym and on the treadmill.

"We were only off for four weeks so you don't lose too much fitness, but I've felt really good in all the small sided games we've played. I think all the lads look as though we're ready to crack on."