Firefighters' barbecue warning after petrol fire

Published: 1 Jun 2012 09:30

REVELLERS enjoying the sunshine are being reminded about the risks of using petrol to fuel barbecues after tenants in west Reading had a lucky escape last night.

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Firefighters from Dee Road were called at 11.30pm when a group of friends accidentally sparked a blaze after using petrol to start a barbecue on the roof of a flat in Oxford Road.

They got a ticking off from watch manager Steve Andrews who said: "They were extremely lucky that they put the fire out so quickly using water. They shouldn't have been using the flat roof as a patio, particularly as the barbecue was right next to their only door off the roof - so had the fire of spread it would have blocked their only route of escape.

"We really want to highlight how dangerous it is to use petrol like this. It is extremely volatile and the vapours could have ignited and caused some serious injuries, which is has done before and will do again."

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