A GANG of youths have been terrorising the staff and customers of a fast food restaurant with racial insults and violent behaviour.

The incidents which began as egg throwing and property vandalism have turned to abusive threats and attempted break ins.

Hasan Ozen, owner of Turkish Grill in Emmer Green said : "There is a group of about 20 teenagers that gather around. They are all young, some of them drink and and smoke. They stumble into the shop with red eyes and smelling like cannabis, looking to cause trouble.

"Next to the shop there is an alley way and these kids gather there, All the nearby residents and shop owners are well aware that there is drug dealing going on there.

"Just last week they asked customers for money and cigarettes and when he refused they spat at him, threatened him and tried to beat him.

"This keeps happening and customers are terrified of coming here. Everyone just orders delivery to avoid coming in because the kids sit outside and gang up on the customers.

"It is affecting our business terribly. Our staff do not want to work here anymore because the kids provoke our staff on a regular basis."

Mr Ozen has called the police to help on various occasions but they have been unable to identify the youths through CCTV footage.

Nilufar Ismailova, Turkish Grill premises supervisor said: "In one particular incident we called 999, Hasan and I went for a walk outside one evening and some of them walked towards us and pushed up against me. Hassan immediately pushed them away and they started shouting at us.

"We knew not to engage with them further and went back to the shop but they gathered outside shouting racist comments at us.

"The one boy had a knife on him and we blocked the door while they tried to break in. When the police arrived they could not identify them on the CCTV because they were in hoodies.

"We can only hope that the police pursue this further, these youths will understand that their actions have consequences.

"If we just let it go, they will never realise that what they are doing is disgusting and wrong."