TRAFFIC is at a standstill following a 'horrific crash between a motorcycle and a car'.

Paramedics could be seen crowded around an injured biker after they collided with a black car in Kings Road, Reading, close to the gates of Reading College.

An eye-witness who watched the drama unfold said: "It happened right near the entrance to Reading College.

"The motorcyclist is laid on the floor and paramedics have surrounded them.

"I didn't see the crash but I heard it. There is a black car involved.

"The traffic is really built up but it is normally very busy at this time of day anyway."

Traffic began to queue on Kings Road immediately after the crash, thought to have happened at around 5.30pm.

The black bike could be seen on the pavement.

A spokesman for South Central Ambulance Service said: "We are currently dealing with a collision between a car and a motorcycle on King’s Road in Reading between Fatherson Road and King’s Gate Street.

"One of our paramedics in a rapid response vehicle came across the incident before we received a 999 call and notified our control room he was stopping to assist at 5.39pm.

"He has requested an ambulance back-up and that is currently all the information I have on the incident.

"An ambulance arrived and the patient has now been transported to the Royal Berkshire Hospital."

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for a comment.

More follows.