DEVELOPERS hoping to build 245 residential dwellings on a large area of green space have been met with sturdy opposition by politicians and residents.

Matt Rodda, MP for Reading East, praised the decision of neighbouring authority South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) to reject the bid after more than 300 objections were made against the plans for Peppard Road in Emmer Green.

Mr Rodda wrote a detailed letter to Alok Sharma MP, the Housing Minister, in a bid to protect the wishes of residents in both Reading and South Oxfordshire.

He explained: "There was a significant risk that the future development of Reading could be altered for good, leading to more suburban sprawl and stopping urban regeneration in its tracks.

"It could have damaged the redevelopment of the town, harming residents, public services and businesses.

"Such a move would run contrary to the progress in urban regeneration made during the last 20 years, such as the development of the Oracle shopping centre, the rebuilding of Reading station and nearby office and housing regeneration.

"Around half the available brownfield land in the authority lies in the town centre, which is why developing it is so important to the future of the town as a key commercial centre in the Thames Valley."

Mr Rodda appealed to his Reading West counterpart to safeguard the interests of residents, stressing the potential adverse impact of traffic on the area and improper use of green space.

SODC met on September 6 to discuss the project and a decision was made to reject the bid.

The Labour MP added: "I am thankful to SODC for listening to our concerns.

"Their decision against this boundary development supports Reading's plans for town centre regeneration and preserves the greenfield areas which form part of the edge of our town.

"I hope that work can now progress to look at using the existing brownfield sites we have here in Reading to facilitate the housing need in the area.”