Re: Parking at Reading Football Stadium

I JUST cannot believe what is happening at the Madejski Stadium. To try to force everyone to use buses is just not right or possible.

I have been supporting Reading FC from a small child, about 65 years – only missing Saturday matches when I played for East Reading FC in my youth.

We moved from Elm Park to get a more suitable location for parking away from a residential area; so now we have a beautiful stadium thanks to Sir John, which will be submerged by houses, flats etc, and nowhere to park.

Every modern stadium is surrounded by car parks – take Twickenham as a case in point.

We have supporters and friends who travel to home matches from Cardiff, Devon, Leicester, Oxford plus many from the South Coast.

The last thing that you want on a cold, wet winter night is messing about transferring from car to bus, watch the game, and then have to queue to get a bus back to your car (wherever you may have managed to park it).

Also, what nerve to put up parking charges at the remaining parking spots to try and force us older spectators into using the buses making the whole experience totally horrible.

Also, due to suffering from arthritis in my knees, I find it very difficult to walk from the greyhound stadium car park, which is the only place for us, and be charged £10 for the experience.

I certainly would not have renewed my season ticket had I known what was going to happen.

I and many others feel we have been taken for idiots by a lot of foreign developers just intent on making big money from the land and are not the slightest interested in the Football Club.


Season ticket holder