A NIGHTCLUB has been temporarily closed after a stabbing and police riot prompted the council to revoke its licence.

Reading Borough Council's licensing sub committee decided to suspend Eva's licence pending a full hearing at a meeting on Thursday evening.

The full hearing will take place on September 5.

The nightclub came under criticism after bouncers were seen taking selfies while a huge crowd hurled abuse and booze at police and a specialist dog unit.

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On July 5, Eva's on Hosier Street descended into chaos when 200 revellers were evicted from the club.

With staff ignoring police requests to disperse the crowd, five officers were left to deal with the increasingly aggressive rabble.

One officer had a drink thrown over them as shouts of 'pigs' erupted from the crowd.

Batons had to be drawn and a specialist dog unit called in to bring order to the situation.

Superintendent Stan Gilmour said: "Due to the anti-police nature of the crowd batons were drawn and police lines had to be formed to prevent further offences and maintain the safety of the public whilst the areas of Hosier Street and St Mary's Butts were dispersed."

Officers who attended the scene claimed 50 bouncers would not have been enough to control the situation, and that several door staff stood with their hands in their pockets and took selfies of the fights.

The head doorman smoked throughout the disorder.

Five days before officers had attended Eva's at 2.30am to find an aggressive crowd of hundreds of people.

Around 20 officers rushed to the area to control the scene. It later came to light that a man had been slashed across the stomach with a large knife.

A report into the club's misdemeanours reads: "The male stated he did not wish to pursue the matter further potentially due to reprisals but did allow officers to produce images of the injuries that he sustained prior to receiving eight stitches in the wound.

"He confirmed that he had been injured by a male who was waving a knife around on the dancefloor during a large fight."

Tomorrow afternoon Reading Borough Council's Licensing Application Sub-Committee will decide whether Eva's can continue to operate.

The Hosier Street bar opened on December 16 last year.

Shortly before the club opened, Clive Franklyn of Eva's gave assurances that the violence seen at Club 20, which occupied Eva's building until its license was revoked following a large knife brawl, was a thing of the past.

A spokesman for Reading Borough Council explained: "The Licensing Authority had received a Summary Review application from Thames Valley Police.

"This related to issues of serious crime and serious disorder at the premises known as Eva’s.

"The licensing sub committee met to decide whether any interim measures needed to be imposed to ensure the protection of the public.

"The licensing sub committee concluded that it was appropriate to suspend the licence with immediate effect pending the full review hearing."