THE MP for Reading East was blocked from speaking at a Bastille Festival today by protestors. 

Shortly before 11.30am Alok Sharma arrived at Forbury Gardens ready to officially open the French festival, which commemorates the 1789 revolution. 

As he was about to step onto stage however, three protestors holding a sign blocked his way. 

Their banner read 'Justice for Grenfell Shame on Sharma', in reference to the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Conservative politician Mr Sharma was appointed Housing Minister hours before flames ripped through the Kensington High Rise, killing dozens. 

Reading Chronicle:

One of the people holding the banner. Credit: Emma Sheppard

A witness of the protest said: "Alok Sharma was just about to go on stage to do the opening speech.

"These three people stood in front of the stage with a banner. Everyone told them to move but they just weren't going anywhere.

"The police turned up after about half an hour. They continued to stay there for another quarter of an hour. Then Sharma did his speech and they left.

"The protestors were two men and one women. Probably in their early 20s."

Reading Chronicle:

A police community support officer watches on. Credit: Emma Sheppard

When he eventually got to speak, roughly 45 minutes after scheduled, Mr Sharma thanked the organisers and delivered a defiant message a year after 86 people were killed by a terrorist driving a lorry in Nice.