A BOOZE-fuelled traveller who drove a 4x4 truck into a man, pinning him to a wall, before reversing and trying again was today jailed for 12 years.

"Entrenched" offender Jesse Gregory banged on Henry Smith's door before threatening to shoot him after accusing him of sleeping with another man's wife.

Frightened Mr Smith phoned for his father, Michael, to come to the camp site at Old Stocks Farm, Aldermaston, and settle the dispute.

When Mr Smith senior arrived at the site he was confronted by a raging Gregory, who told him he was the best fighter in the camp.

Next came a horrific attack when Gregory ploughed his truck into Mr Smith senior, breaking his leg, before reversing and trying again.

Michael Roques, prosecuting, said: "Henry Smith and his wife were awoken with Mr Gregory banging on the door and shouting about Mr Smith having an affair with Thomas Small’s wife.

“He was drunk and aggressive and was shouting that he was the ‘best man on the site,’ a reference Mr Smith understood to mean he was the best bare-knuckle fighter.

“Mr Smith senior told Mr Gregory that any issue between his son and Mr Small was nothing to do with him and go away.

“Almost immediately thereafter the Smiths heard the revving of a car engine and a light blue RAV – 4 vehicle drove directly at them.

“Henry Smith was able to get out of the way, but Michael Smith was struck and pinned between the vehicle and a wall, leaving him leaning over the bonnet.

“The defendant then reversed back and Mr Smith senior fell to the ground unable to move.

“Gregory then accelerated forward again in an effort to run over Mr Smith whilst he was on the ground.”

Judge Stephen John, presiding at Reading Crown Court, heard how Gregory visited Royal Berkshire Hospital just hours after the attack in February 2016.

Police swooped to arrest Gregory, but the 26-year-old insisted he was the victim of a horrific attack by Henry Smith.

The prosecutor continued: "He had a deep laceration running some 13cm from his ear along his lower jaw.

"He told the officer 'I tried to get away, he had a gun, it's self defence. It was the guy in hospital's son who slashed me'."

Forensic evidence proved there was no gun involved and Gregory's account was a "falsehood", the prosecutor said.

Jailing Gregory for 12 years, Judge John added: "The victim of your offence was a man who like you is of the travelling community, Michael Smith aged now nearly 53, so twice your age.

"Michael Smith was struck and pinned between the vehicle and a wall, leaving him leaning over the bonnet; he felt his leg snap.

“Happily for him, and for you, he was pulled out of your path, perhaps saving his life.

"You are an entrenched offender with the willingness to use violence whether for financial gain or to enforce your own retribution among others."

Gregory, of Moat Close, Tadley, admitted a single count of GBH with intent.

He was jailed for 12 years and slapped with an extended licence period of four years.

Matthew Kirk, mitigating Gregory, who was once convicted for kidnapping two youths, added: “It is clear that there is a consistent pattern through Mr Gregory’ youth of violence and anti-social behaviour.

“The pattern comes to an end around the time Mr Gregory comes into adulthood and the level of violence is actually very limited.

“The kidnapping was clearly an horrendous incident for those involved."