I WILL be perfectly honest. I was experiencing conflicting emotions as I stood outside St Laurence's Church.

On the one hand, I was about to see one of my favourite bands live for the first time, although I couldn't help feel slightly sceptical about how it would match-up to the thrill of the fest.

After all, Kasabian had agreed to do a small acoustic set for wristband holders for free and it was only supposed to be a preamble to the real thing.

Suffice to say all of my fears were allayed. Frontmen Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno played up to the crowd perfectly and I could not help but admire the many screaming fans who had arrived in Leicester City shirts, all of whom were recognised by the band as regulars.

It is 20 years since the rock group formed and that means they are almost as old as I am, which is actually a daunting thought to entertain.

Reading Chronicle:

To stay fresh and appealing for even half as many years is a feat most artists would crave.

Popular favourites Underdog and Stevie were among the early highlights of the show and I have no shame in admitting that when they returned for their encore, I sang [shouted out of tune] every single word of LSF, which is certainly among my all-time favourites of such an enduring band.

Long after they had left the stage, the crowd were eager for more, echoing the melody from LSF to try and entice them back for another song - but it was not to be. 

If you are ever invited to an intimate gig in a church and not sure about the prospect of having any discernible fun, I urge you to keep an open mind.