A CHILDREN'S charity has delivered more than 200 parcels first-hand to dozens of families affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Woodley-based First Days sent a van filled with clothes, toys and other emergency relief for babies and children as old as eight following the deadly blaze.

Families have been forced to camp on the streets of North Kensington after the 24-storey block of flats was engulfed in flames.

Kathryn Tibble-Taylor, operations director at First Days Children's Charity, responded to the crisis by leading a team of volunteers and within hours they were heading to London in a van to support the survivors.

She said: "We heard the news and people in the community came together to help out in any way possible. When we arrived in London the scenes were harrowing.

"There were families camped out on the streets not knowing what the future holds. To be able to go in a van and immediately give them clothes was vital.

Reading Chronicle:

"We were all surprised by the extent of the crisis. We have collected clothes, toys, blankets, temporary beds and books.

"A local van company agreed to give us the van for free and we were able to send more than 200 parcels to help the families."

First Days, situated on Headley Road, was established as a registered charity in 2014 and is responsible for helping hundreds of vulnerable families every month.

Although the exact cause of the Grenfell fire remains unknown, it is believed the polythene cladding on the exterior of the building caused the fire to accelerate at a devastating rate.

Kathryn added: "The important thing to remember is that we will be here for these families long after the immediate relief.

"If it means we are still donating clothes in a year or 18 months time, we will be here for them. We want to help them put their lives back together.

"We are still working through the donations we have received and we will be ready to send more parcels when we need to."

First Days has stopped taking donations, but will be open again soon.