A FORMER security who has had his world turned upside down by false theft claims continues to show his anger by staging peaceful protests outside of the supermarket he used to patrol.

Adama Jammeh, 45, has been outside the Tesco Express on Portman Road for the last 10 days, asking his former employer for an apology.

The ex-watchman was the subject of a year-long investigation by Thames Valley Police after he was accused of stealing electronics from the store.

Although he was cleared by police, Tesco refuse to apologise and reinstate him.

He said: "They have ruined my life. The stress of the false claims nearly caused my marriage to break down.

"For a while I was sleeping rough down by the riverside and I have been on sleeping pills and antidepressants.

"I worked for Total Security Services and Tesco for nearly three years and suddenly they said I was accused of stealing tablets.

"The police came to my home and they found nothing. They should have suspended me without pay until the investigation was complete, but they just sacked me.

"I will be here for as long as I need to until I get an apology. I have been here for 10 days and I will be here for 10 years if that is what it takes."

He was arrested in June and police conducted a search of his home on Lyndhurst Road in Tilehurst.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police confirmed Mr Jammeh was released without charge.

Tesco and Total Security Services refused to comment.