A SECURITY guard who says his 'life is in tatters' after false theft claims is demanding an apology from his former employers.

Adama Jammeh worked at the Tesco supermarket on Portman Road for Total Security Services until May last year before he was accused of stealing £20,000 worth of electrical goods.

He claims a fellow security guard suddenly forced him out of the store and told him never to return and he has since been unable to find work due to the damage to his reputation.

The 41-year-old was arrested in June and police conducted a search of his home on Lyndhurst Road in Tilehurst, after allegations of stolen tablets were directed at the former watchman.

He said: "I really loved my job. I was good with members of the public and the staff. They found no evidence at all, but they did search my house three months after the accusations and I was taken to the police station and held overnight.

"My life is in tatters with no job because of them. I have never stolen anything in my life and I do not intend to.

"Another security guard, who I might add is very racist and acted like he was my manager, asked me for my keys and radio and told me to leave the store and not to come back.

"My life was put on hold and my wife only works part time so we have been struggling financially. Nobody would employ me because there were trust issues.

"By this time, most of the security from other shops and companies had heard about the allegations and were therefore unwilling to take me on.

"The last year has been hell for me and the slander has taken its toll on my life and made me feel depressed and victimised."

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police confirmed Mr Jammeh was released without charge.

Lamin Manneh, 45, of Pearson Way, Woodley, will appear at Reading Magistrates' Court on May 11 after being charged with theft by employee in relation to the offences.

Tesco and Total Security Services refused to comment.