On Tuesday Theresa May shook the political world by announcing that a General Election will take place on June 8.

We asked our jury if they thought it was the right thing to do. 

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Joy Luck

Reading Chronicle:

Tough one this, but probably, yes. We will need a stable Government whilst the Brexit negotiations are underway, and an election will provide extra time for this Government to work with.


Kayleigh Brookfield

Reading Chronicle:

I think she was right to call the election because it provides stability and an opportunity for the public to be able to have their voice heard. Also because she wasn't elected through a general election she deserves the opportunity to campaign for a mandate.


Charlotte Bernard

Reading Chronicle:

Yes I do think she was right. She is trying to do what the people want, the people that put her there. How dare parliament think they can change this just because they don't agree or, more than likely, because she is a woman. You go Theresa! You have my vote.


Bina Donald

Reading Chronicle:

I don't like that she has as it seems opportunistic, but can I really blame a politician for being opportunistic or attempting to further the power of their own party? No, so I guess it is right for her. I just don't want the Conservatives to have more power than they currently have. I do think we need more certainty and better leadership through Brexit I, just wish it wasn't her or her party.


Thea Jacobs

Reading Chronicle:

Theresa May is clearly doing what she thinks will benefit the Tories. Given the state of the Lib Dems and Labour she knows they aren't in a position to challenge her. For her party it would appear to be the right decisions. I'm not sure I think it was the right decision, but it's been called so there isn't much that can be done.