A SPATE of cat deaths after felines consumed ANTIFREEZE has left villagers fearing there is a killer on the loose. 

Residents in a quiet Mortimer cul-de-sac were left horrified when three pet cats mysteriously died in the space of 10 days, sparking fears of a potential cat killer.

Cheryl Liversuch had to have two of her mum's cherished pets put to sleep and one of their neighbours' feline friends was also rushed to a vet but sadly did not survive.

Mrs Liversuch said she now keeps her other cat inside and has taken to social media to warn fellow villagers about the mysterious deaths.

The 31-year-old said: "I am staying at my mum's house at the moment. Two of her cats have died and so has one of her neighbours'.

"One of ours died on Thursday last week and one died the week before that.

"We took one to Castle Vets in Reading because it's an emergency vet and they ran tests. It was killed by antifreeze.

"It might have licked it from a puddle because two licks is apparently enough to poison them but it seems very mysterious that three cats have died in such a short space of time and so close together."

Mrs Liversuch, of The Bevers, Mortimer, has contacted RSPCA and Thames Valley Police to report the bizarre deaths.

She has also warned neighbours and posted messages on Facebook to raise awareness.

She continued: "We would like to think that this isn't intentional.

"These are peoples' pets and they are quite young cats.

"It's very upsetting [if it is intentional] because cats are part of peoples' lives, they're part of the family.

"We are trying to raise as much awareness as possible.

"We are not letting our other cat out anymore. I phoned the RSPCA and the police, the RSPCA said they would look into it and might knock of some doors."

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The Chronicle has approached Thames Valley Police for a comment.