LILLY-May Page’s mother says she has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the community spirit which has rallied around her following the tragic events of the last three years.

Heartwarming donations to send Claire Page on holiday have been pouring in ever since an inquest concluded her five-year-old girl should have been shocked by a paramedic and would still be alive if she had received the correct treatment.

Claire has since campaigned around the clock to install the defibrillators that would have saved her daughter into schools across Woodley, but one person decided it was time to give her the break she deserved after the events following that fateful day at Willow Bank School.

Donna Chubb, who has been friends with Claire for 20 years, started an online fundraising page with a £1,000 target, but her goal was toppled in only two days, as dozens of donations came in for the mother who had given so much after such a great loss.

With the fundraising page currently standing at £1,550, Donna said: "After Claire lost Lilly-May she has worked tirelessly to make our local schools and communities a safer place to be, all whilst trying to get to the truth about what happened that heart-breaking day when Lilly-May was taken from her far too soon.

"After the verdict from the inquest, Claire was very down and a few of us spoke about the idea of sending her on a much-needed break.

"My children were very close with Lilly-May and I have known Claire for a long time. We hope to send her somewhere hot."

A coroner ruled last month paramedic Shannon Jacobs failed to understand basic protocols by deciding not to shock young Lilly-May when she collapsed outside the school gates.

As a result, the schoolgirl died at Royal Berkshire Hospital from natural causes after suffering from a genetic condition, which caused an irregular heartbeat.

On the fundraising page, Claire thanked all those who have come forward with donations, adding: “I am so overwhelmed.... Everyone from the bottom of my broken heart, thank you so much xxxx.”

Visit: to help send Claire on holiday.