A WELL-loved community cafe will open next weekend after a major expansion.

Dan and Suzy Hollister who run the Richfield Deli & Grill in Caversham will reopen next weekend having more than quadrupled its seating.

The duo first opened the Caversham Road deli in 2007 and now, a decade later, they have revamped the menu and increased the number of seats from seven to 38.

Joint owner Dan said: "We recognise that people want more than just a sandwich nowadays.

"The Street food scene is huge in London and other cities. The fusion of food and flavours is so exciting and we feel there is a great opportunity to evolve the local lunch scene here in Reading."

The revamped eatery will open to the public on Saturday, March 25.

“We see a growing trend these days for fresh food that is not just tasty, but also makes you feel good," said Suzy.

"Nowadays, people are more health conscious and want to increase their energy levels and nourish themselves with healthy food.

"We have always evolved with this growing trend by ensuring that we are able to tailor-make our food to special requests, such as vegan cakes or protein cakes made specially for local gyms."