SCHOOLCHILDREN rallied around to support their friend with a variety of wacky hair styles today (March 17) after learning of his rare disease.

More than 350 children and teachers gathered at Micklands Primary School in Caversham to help Year 4 pupil, Charlie Isitt, and raise money for charity.

Charlie will start chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at Great Ormand Street Hospital at the end of March in a desperate attempt to treat a neurological condition called Cerebal X.

He will lose his hair as part of the 10-week treatment for a brain condition and so the teachers at Micklands decided to extend their moral support by pulling on wigs and spraying their hair.

Mark Frost, head teacher at Micklands Primary School, said: "We decided three of four weeks ago to show our support to Charlie, who will be off school for some months while he is having treatment.

"It has been incredible to see how much people care about him and the condition he is fighting by getting behind the idea and supporting the event. Some of our older children have also taken it upon themselves to raise extra money by washing cars over the weekend or giving up pocket money.

"Initially it was only going to be to show our support, but we thought it would be a good idea to raise money for the charity that has helped Charlie's family throughout this difficult process.

"There still a lot more donations to come in, but so far we have raised £1277 for ALD Life."

Cerebal X is a rare genetic condition affecting Charlie's brain and will mean he is in hospital for 8-10 weeks and off school for six months.

Charlie's brain cannot work properly and if left untreated his physical and mental health will deteriorate very quickly, potenitally leading to disability and life-threatening conditions.