A YOUNG father who feared he would lose custody of his son took a cocktail of drink and drugs before killing himself, an inquest heard.

Donna Boseley returned home to find her son Joseph hanging from a ceiling at their home in Wargrave.

She returned to the house on Highfield Park in the late evening of Sunday, December 11 2016, to find a single light on upstairs.

His mother explained in her statement at Reading Town Hall how 21-year-old Joseph had separated from his girlfriend, Samantha, and was low in mood in the days before his death.

"He had never tried anything like this before and it has come as a great shock to the family," she continued.

"I texted Joe to check that he was okay and he texted back to say that he was fine. I arrived home at 10.15pm and called for Joe, but there was no response.

"I noticed a light was on and when I went upstairs I found him."

His neighbour, Dennis Claridge, described how he became close with Mr Boseley after he split from his girlfriend and first noticed suicidal thoughts following a car accident.

Joe told his neighbour he 'wished he had been travelling faster' before the crash and how he struggled to stay in touch with his son after splitting from his mother.

On the day of his death, Mr Boseley went to see his neighbour holding a can of beer and was distressed about the break up.

A toxicology report revealed he took cocaine and drank alcohol before he hanged himself at his parent's home.

He did not leave a note and all attempts to save his life were in vain after he was cut down by paramedics.

Peter Bedford, senior Coroner for Berkshire, recorded a verdict of suicide on Thursday, March 16.

He said: "There is reference to cocaine and alcohol but this would not have affected his condition or forced him to take the decision to end his life.

"What I do note, however, is that Joe had ended his relationship with Samantha and was very distressed and upset for some time following an emotional break-up. With no history of anxiety or depression, there was no evidence to suggest he would take this action.

"He would have done it while nobody was at home and I can be satisfied that he did take his own life."