A FLUFFY brood of ducklings has been delighting library-goers in Woodley.

The week-old ducklings have been finding their feet in Woodley Library's central garden, after their mother returned to her favourite nesting spot for the third time.

The mother mallard, which has become much-loved by library staff and visitors, first began using the garden as her nursery three years ago.

Library supervisor Jo Briggs said: "We've got a garden in the middle of the library and she came here and started nesting. She first came three years ago and she always nests in the same place, so we think it's the same mum."

The mother originally gave birth to 16 ducklings, but the brood has been struck by tragedy because 10 have mysteriously died. But despite the setback, staff and visitors remain upbeat and say the ducklings are an added bonus for library-goers.

Jo said: "The kids come in and have a look while they're reading because the nest is right by the children's library, and it's a great lift for the staff too.

"It was very exciting last week when they hatched because all the ducklings were buzzing around all over the place. It was completely mad and it's so great to have them back because the children have been asking for them every time they come in - it's a really nice community thing."