SOMETHING clicked for winners of a competition to find a photo that captures the spirit of Reading.

Keen amateur photographers roamed the streets hunting for an iconic shot that would win vouchers for photo shop Jessops and a place on display at Reading Family Church's refurbished town centre offices.

First prize went to Vicki Yates, 29, from Reading, for her photo of a circular ceiling window in The Oracle, snapped with a digital camera as she walked through the shopping centre.

Vicki, who took up photography a year ago, said: "I'm really shocked and surprised. I just thought it looked nice and it reminded me of a seashell."

Second place went to Paul Manning, a retired architectural aluminium seller from Calcot, who took a sunny picture of new office building The Blade contrasting with Abbots House's traditional red brickwork. Mr Manning said: "I think it is very good of the church to have a competition. There are too few competitions really.

"I'm very interested in buildings anyway and it was a very interesting subject."

Debbie Bufton, from Caversham, came third for her striking image of the remains of one of Reading Abbey's archways against the backdrop of The Blade, pictured right.

Four other photos were shortlisted from around 30 that were submitted by church members and the wider community.

Church pastor Sean Green said: "As a church we really delight in our town and what we thought would be really great would be if we could have some photos that would decorate our walls.

"We thought we'd not just have it in the church but throw it open to all the local community."

Chronicle photographer Chris Forsey helped judge the competition and award prizes and he said: "The photos just show how different people's views of any town can be. You can see how much effort everybody put in."